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Top Blue Cotton Scarf Exporters

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Blue Cotton Scarf Exports StatisticsBlue Cotton Scarf Exporters and Benefits

Among the various types of scarves that are produced, the most popular products in this field are cotton scarves. Meanwhile, Blue Cotton Scarf is an example of this category. In addition to being cool, these scarves are light and non-slip, which is one of the obvious advantages of this type of fiber. In this field, a variety of products are produced, such as cotton scarves square. To get these products, you need information about cheap cotton scarves. So join us.

Top Blue Cotton Scarf Exporters

Blue Cotton Scarf Exports Statistics

Blue Cotton Scarf Exports StatisticsThese products are exported. Especially in countries where Islam is the main religion. As an example, in this section we refer to the Iranian drawer. One of the most important branches of the clothing industry in Iran is the scarf manufacturing industry. It is the only industry whose products are exclusively for women. In other words, the main audience for the shawl and scarf industry is women. According to last year’s census, the number of women in Iran is just over 30 million. This statistic is in fact related to the female population of the country who wear shawls and scarves as hijabs. Now, if the consumption of every Iranian woman is about 6 scarves or shawls a year, the country’s market will need to produce and supply 180 million pieces of shawls and scarves annually.

In the last one or two decades, the country’s scarf and shawl market has not been very diverse, and scarves and shawls in one color or with very simple and basic designs have provided a major part of the market’s needs. Most of the scarves and shawls on the market were either produced domestically or imported. In the last twenty years or so, and with the proliferation of Internet and satellite networks and the familiarity of craftsmen with the latest innovations in the world, the clothing industry has also undergone a significant transformation. This change in the shawl and scarf industry was particularly striking. The supply of scarves in a variety of colors and designs, with different sizes and shapes, attracted the attention of many audiences, and if before, an Iranian woman used to buy only one or two scarves and shawls a year, now, there is a great desire to buy. It has several scarves or shawls with different designs.

Blue Cotton Scarf Exporters and Benefits

Blue Cotton Scarf Exporters and BenefitsExporting blue cotton scarf, like the export of other products, has many advantages, some of which are mentioned below. The export of this product allows companies to maintain their competitive position in global markets:

  • Increase the quality of your products
  • Reduce production costs
  • Increasing the skills of employees is also another benefit of exports, because companies have to increase the knowledge of their employees to produce standard goods.
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